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What is the effect and edible method of hemp oil

Hemp oil, do you like it or not? Hemp oil is made from hemp seed through a series of pressing processes. Hemp oil has a lot of benefits to human body. However, most people don't know much about it. They take some hemp oil every day, but it has a lot of benefits! So we will introduce the effect and function of hemp oil and the way to eat it in detail for you today!

First, efficacy

According to the research, the content of unsaturated fatty acids is 93%, which is the highest in all common food oils. Hemp seed has the function of moistening intestines and relieving constipation in traditional Chinese medicine. Hemp seed is also rich in phytic acid. The Department of nutrition and health of Wuhan Medical University believes that the incidence rate of coronary heart disease is low in areas where large amounts of phytic acid are often consumed. It has been proved by experiments that the old people in Bama have been eating sesame oil for a long time. The amount of bifidobacteria in the intestines of centenarians is the same as that of young people and even infants. Modern scientific research has proved that hemp seed oil has the effects of delaying arteriosclerosis, preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and preventing cancer. It is a recommended long-life oil.

Second, how to eat

1. Oral

Two scoops (about 10ml) of hemp oil on an empty stomach in the morning, supplement vitamin E for the whole day, moisten the intestines and relieve constipation, effectively regulate the metabolism of the human body; the a-linolenic acid component of hemp oil can promote the activity of fat mitochondria, consume the extra heat in the body, prevent the accumulation of fat, decompose the fat in the body, and help lose weight.

2. Cold mix

No need to heat, directly mix all kinds of meat dishes, vegetables, or can be used as seasoning with salad sauce, so that the dishes are bright in color, smooth in taste, fragrant and not greasy.

3. Stir fry

When using hemp oil to fry protein meat food, it is suggested to use "hot pot and cold oil" as a healthy cooking method. The hot fried food does not blacken and retains the nutritional value of meat food. Stir fried vegetables can be directly hot oil, add vegetables and stir fry them. Hemp oil can also be the same as other vegetable oils, which can be used to stir fry vegetables.

4. Can you fry or not

Hemp oil is easy to dissolve in water. Hemp oil can fry food. A small amount of oil can be dissolved in water with food materials. Heating food together can retain the nutritional value of oil. Hemp oil is not suitable for deep fried food for a long time, which will lose the nutrition of hemp oil. The above content is about the efficacy and function of hemp oil and what is the way to eat it. I believe that everyone has been very clear about it! Hemp oil is really good for us! Hemp oil can prevent a lot of diseases. You can take some orally every day. In this way, you can maximize the effect of hemp oil!

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