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Hemp Oil Powder

Hemp oil powder is powdered hemp hearts oil.
It takes hemp hearts oil as the main raw material and is made by adding an appropriate amount of subsidiary materials after batching, stirring, filtration, shearing, homogenization, microcapsule, sterilization, drying, screening, compounding and packaging.
It can be used in various foods to improve the nutritional value and calories, improve the solubility and soakage., improve the taste, and make the products more delicious.
It has good water solubility, emulsification and foaming, and can be used in the processing of different foods.
Hemp oil powder are easier to transport and store, not easy to oxidize and have good stability, and the flavor is not easy to lose. 
It can replace the fat in some products such as milk powder and reduce the cost.
Dairy drinks, vegetable protein drinks,condiment, solid drinks, cold drinks, baked food, candy, chocolate, jelly and other foods.
The most common application is the familiar "coffee-mate". 
As an ingredient, hemp oil powder has been used in the production of baked food ingredients (biscuits, bread, etc.), as well as cold food and solid drinks (such as desserts, ice cream,etc.). 
If the seasoning oil is changed into oil powder, it will make convenient food more convenient.
We can produce hemp oil powder with different fat content according to the requirements of customers. Such as creamer of milk tea, nutritional supplement in milk powder, creamer of coffee-mate ,dairy and ice cream .
Store in cool, dry, ventilated, sealed and vacuum. The unopened shelf life is 12 months.

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